Chatnet Benefit
  • Send and receive messages to and from other tenants or owners in the residential property, while keeping your phone number and email confidential.
  • Send messages to all your tenants, owners, or a selected group.
  • Browse Chatnet to see what is happening on your property.
  • Invite others to a BBQ or pool party.
  • Ask about recommended services or contractors in or near your residential property.
  • New in the area? Ask long-term tenants and owners for insights and advice.
Announcement Benefit
  • Property managers no longer need to post printed announcements all over the property. Just post on Ziba Property, and all registered tenants and owners will be notified wherever, whenever.
  • Post announcements, such as pool closed, maintenance schedules of elevators, cleaning schedules for car parks and windows, warning announcements to not throw cigarette butts anywhere and dry off before entering the building, change in yoga class location, etc.
  • Tenants and owners can receive management announcements on their mobile device.
  • Notify your tenants through email or mobile notifications.
  • History of all announcements made is stored on Ziba Property for future reference.
Document Directory
Document Directory
Document Directory Benefit
  • Any document that the management holds and distributes can now be published on Ziba Property.
  • Operating hours of property facilities
  • Committee meeting notes for owners
  • Strata titles and notices
  • Annual audited financial reports
Online Requests
Online Requests
Online Requests Benefit
  • Submit online requests for various property services.
  • Elevator booking request when moving in or out
  • Furniture delivery notice to management or guards
  • Renovation or contractor work request from the management
  • Facility booking
  • Incident reports
  • Service request
Important Contacts
Important Contacts
Important Contacts Benefit
  • The management can set up a list of important contact information for tenants to call.
  • Important contacts, such as property management, hospitals, ambulance, doctors, fire, police, plumbers, pizza delivery, etc.
Event Calendar
Event Calendar
Event Calendar Benefit
  • Set up important dates and events on the event calendar.
  • Property managers can easily set all events, facility bookings, temporary change of operating hours, etc., on the app.
  • Tenants and owners can view the event calendar for all scheduled events, facility bookings, and activities set or approved by the management.
Business & Service
Business & Service
Business & Service Benefit
  • Get quick access to an online directory of business establishments and services available in the neighborhood.
  • Establishments and services are rated and reviewed by users, which other app members can check for reference.
Property Listings
Property Listings
Property Listings Benefit
  • Get access to a list of properties for sale and rent. You can filter your search based on property name or location.
  • Property owners can list their property for sale or rent through an agent.
  • Real estate agents can list and promote a property for sale or rent on the market.
  • Buyers and renters can easily search for available properties in their area of interest. They can filter search results based on price range and property size.
Buy-Sell-Wanted Benefit
  • Moving out? Have cars or furniture to sell? List your items in the Buy-Sell-Wanted category.
  • Moving in? Need a quick shopping for a bed, furniture, or cars? Search the neighborhood for available services in the Buy-Sell-Wanted category.